KCWC Day 2- Reversible bucket hat

The last hat I made for little man was before we left for France when he was 10 months old. Now that he’s 15 months, that hat has long been put into a box of “too small” clothes and my poor little guy has either been going hat-less (gasp!) or wearing a not-so-cute Costco hat that hubby flat out refuses to use (my husband is a stylish guy for those of you who don’t know him). Actually that’s not entirely true, I made him another hat that still fits but has gone missing for the last few weeks. Either way, he was in need of new headwear.
Since fall is upon us, I wanted to use a slightly warmer fabric than the linen I used for his summer hat. I chose some scraps of a knit sweatshirt fabric that I used for this sweater (another free project! Yay!). However, California fall can mean anything from 50s and rainy to 80s and sunny so he still needs more sun protection than a beanie provides.
I used this bucket hat pattern from Sew Much Ado. It’s size 2T, so still a teensy bit big for little man, but it works. I think I’ve finally figured out in my head how to go about making a hat pattern based on his head circumference (thank you basic geometry!), so I might try again after the KCWC is over. In the meantime, though, this will protect his cute little head and it’s cute! I used fusible interfacing on both sides of the fabric to help the hat keep its shape. Did I mention it’s reversible?

Next up for KCWC: Corduroy pants.

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