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Baby chicks!

Well, my dreams of chicken ownership have finally come to fruition. I posted about our plans to take a chicken raising class months ago, and that day has finally come (and gone). In fact, we’ve had the chicks for 2 weeks now and I’m just now getting a chance to post about it. They’ve already moved out of their cute phase and into their “awkward teenage phase.” So sad, they grow up so fast. *sniff sniff*

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves blog-wise. Let’s pretend this is two weeks ago when they were 3 day old tiny fluff balls. We got 5 of them and they all fit into this little box. They kept each other warm for the drive home.

Here is our Buff Orpington. She will lay light brown eggs.

Here’s our Silver Cochlin. She’ll also lay light brown eggs.

We also got two Ameracauna’s (they lay light blue eggs) and a Wellsummer, who will lay chocolate brown eggs. Now we just have to wait 6 months for them to start laying! (We’re crossing our fingers that they’re all hens, since we have to get rid of roosters. The hatchery guarantees a 90% female rate, so there could be a rooster in there).

Work on their coop starts this weekend. I’m excited!

A rainbow-themed first birthday party!

Yesterday was a long-anticipated day for our family- our son’s first birthday party! Marking the end of our first year as parents, we felt, needed to be done right. So months ago I set out searching pinterest for  ideas. Pinterest and I quickly developed a love-hate relationship, as I could not say no to all any of the cute decor and food ideas, but I felt completely in over my head. Luckily, with my trusty excel spreadsheet (along with some very helpful friends and family members) we made it, and I couldn’t have hoped for it to come together any better. Of course, the people who were there to celebrate with us were really the ones who made the day special. But I loved the liveliness that the food and decorations brought.

If you can’t tell from the pictures, we had a rainbow theme going.
Here is the banner I made with little man’s monthly photos. This is what people saw when they first walked in. 
I made rainbow-colored tissue paper pom poms that were hung around the house. The idea for the pom poms came from this pin
The spread of food. All made by my mom and me. 
Rainbow fruit kebabs. The idea was from this pin.
Little man’s smash cake. I realized later that I took a picture with the “1” backwards. Whoops!
Birthday cake for everyone else. Looks like a plain white cake, but just you wait…
Cupcakes, made by a sweet friend, because I was nervous that the “guest” cake wouldn’t be enough for 40 people. It was…
All the desserts together. I also made fromage blanc (the white yogurt-like stuff in the bowl). That’ll be it’s own post someday soon. 
Smash cake time!
Unsure about this “cake” thing…
You might recognize the onesie little man is wearing from my post about it. I painted the design with freezer paper stenciling. The rainbow was super time intensive, but I’m really happy with how it looked!It was finally time for cake for everyone else…

My very first rainbow cake!! I was nervous about it, but I actually pulled it off! The effect was so vibrant and beautiful. I loved it. The recipe is from Whisk Kid, who’s now-famous rainbow cake recipe is on Martha Stewart! 

In case you’re concerned about the waste involved in making the tissue paper pom poms, I already posted them on freecycle and someone is picking them up on Monday for their daughter’s birthday party. I love that someone else will enjoy them! Also, if you’re wondering about the cost of that much tissue paper, I got most of it at the dollar store. I think we spent a total of $10 on tissue paper. Not too shabby. 

AND, in much more exciting news than tissue paper prices, little man took his first steps after the birthday party! His 10 month old friend came back over after her nap to keep the party going. She surprised us all and took her first steps! I guess little man decided he didn’t want to be shown up by his younger friend, so he followed suit soon after. He really is growing up!

Freezer paper stenciling

Before Quentin was born, a friend of mine bought him some super soft and cozy organic cotton onesies. I love them. He has sensitive skin, and even some cotton sleepers seem to irritate his skin. These are so soft and perfect for  him. So, I was really sad when one snap broke on each of them. It was only one snap per onesie, which doesn’t really affect function, but I started getting it into my head that I was going to upcycle them and make t-shirts.

Of course, what would be the fun of upcycling without a little added decoration? Enter freezer paper stenciling. I discovered this on pinterest and can definitely see how one would get addicted. It’s easy and you get instant gratification. Ok ok like waiting overnight gratification, but that’s pretty fast.

You know when you paint a room and have to wait for the paint to dry before tearing away the blue painter’s tape? And how much fun it is to tear away said tape? That’s how this is. I woke up early and couldn’t go back to sleep because of my excitement to see the results of this project. I wasn’t disappointed.

Here is what you need:
– Onesie/Shirt/Pants…any piece of fabric that you want to add a stencil to.
– Freezer paper
– X-Acto knife or box cutter
– Cutting board
– Iron
– Fabric paint (the Tulip brand is what I used)
– A paint brush or foam brush
– Piece of cardboard to put under your fabric to prevent paint from seeping through

Step 1: Choose a picture you want to stencil onto your onesie (or t-shirt, cotton pants, blanket…the possibilities are endless). I chose to do a recycle symbol, since I was upcycling. I just googled, “recycle symbol.”
Step 2: Print out the picture/symbol you want to stencil onto your onesie. Make sure it’s the size you want it.
Step 3: Carefully cut out the symbol using a box cutter or an X-Acto knife. I couldn’t find my X-Acto knife, so I just used a cheap box cutter and it worked fine. Use a cutting board or piece of cardboard to protect your working surface.
Step 4: Trace the cut out picture onto a piece of freezer paper. Make sure the shiny side is facing down. That’s the side that will adhere to the fabric once you’re ready to paint. Once you’ve traced the picture, use your box cutter again to cut the symbol out on the freezer paper. NOTE: Above is how I did it. Afterward, I realized that you can skip the step of cutting out the pattern and just trace the image straight onto your freezer paper and just have to cut one time. Duh…I will be very glad to skip this step next time! Just make sure that you trace so that the shiny side faces down.

Step 5: Determine where you want the picture to go. Iron the freezer paper onto the onesie, shiny side down.

Step 6: Place a piece of cardboard between the 2 layers of fabric from the onesie. This is to prevent paint from seeping through and getting onto the fabric on the back of the onesie. Get your paint ready and fill in the stencil. I’d suggest using an “up and down” motion when stenciling. This helps to prevent paint from seeping under the freezer paper. Wait for one coat to dry and do a second coat.

Step 7: Wait. At least 4 hours. Preferably overnight…but I didn’t make it that long and my stencil turned out great.

Step 8: Carefully remove stencil. Admire your work. Then raid your garage sale pile for clothes for your next upcycling project.

Picture catch-up!

I’m sorry that I’ve gone missing again. I was in such a good routine of posting at least weekly, and then….our main computer died. Ok died is exaggerating a bit. It wouldn’t move past the gray screen. We called Apple Care and got it boot up, but now it moves slower than snail’s pace and we need to call them back, but haven’t had a chance. I have my laptop, but I don’t typically upload pictures onto it for fear of slowing it down with all the extra megs. Anyway, I finally gave in and uploaded my pictures to the laptop. So here are some pictures from the last few months! 
Also, forgive the odd fomatting. Blogger has changed their user interface since the last time I posted and it’s wonky to me. I’ll have to get used to it.
This is an old picture (from March). Quentin is helping me tear up newspaper to add to 
our worm bin. We add toilet paper rolls to the worm bin too. Those were his favorite!
Steamed beets and carrots from our CSA! A perfect finger food for baby.
Mr. Q likes to feed himself. Momma doesn’t like pea puree on her walls,
 but he’s gotta learn sometime, right?
 Exploring the grape vines. Thanks to Trevor, who figured out how to prune them 
currectly, there are little grapes starting to grow on them! 
They are Muscat grapes…very flavorful!
Hmm…what’s hiding in here?
Look momma! I found some dirt!
And he’s on the move!
Yum…a stick!
Enjoying a Sunday afternoon party at his grandparents’ house

Exploratory Play

Sometimes, the best toys are in your kitchen or garage. Take our canning pot. He had a ball sitting in here and exploring the lid. How heavy it is, the noise it makes when it hits the floor. I just wish Quentin had been dressed in a lobster costume. That would have made for some hilariously awesome pictures.

Helping mama in the kitchen

Quentin is 8 months old now, so I figure it’s high time he start pulling his weight around here. The other day, I pulled his high chair into the kitchen and he “helped” me bake a chocolate zucchini cake. He was a good little helper, although he sure did think it was fun to drop his bowl on the ground and have me pick it up.

Hmm…what’s this. Looks like the one we use at dinner. Only HUGE!

Oh yea, this is familiar. Now where’s the broccoli?

Can I put this one in my mouth?

Doh! I overshot a little there…that was bigger than I thought.

Oh little boy…so much to discover. We have so many days of cooking and baking together ahead of us!

Latest creation- Urban Hoodie

Yesterday, I wrote about how I’ve decided that this blog is going to be more than just about food. Because, let’s be honest, I don’t have quite as much time to do the level of cooking and styling and photographing of food that I used to. This does not mean that we aren’t eating (obviously) or even that we aren’t eating well. I’ve made more bread so far in 2012 than I probably have in my life (thanks to my nifty new bread machine) and my handsome (and thoughtful) husband made an amazing Crab Salad with Pears and Hazelnuts (minus the hazelnuts…boo to Whole Foods. Who runs out of hazelnuts in the BULK section?!) for Valentine’s Day. No, we’re still eating quite well around here. I just have expanded interests and would like to share those as well.

One of the interests that I have yet to share is sewing. I’m a newbie in the sewing world but already having lots of fun. I started teaching myself on my mom’s machine when I was 7 months pregnant (I’ve since taken her sewing machine custody…it now “lives” at my house). I started little man’s baby blanket then, had to put it away for a little while when he was a newborn, and finished it when he was about 3 months old. Since then, I’ve jumped into making him lots of pairs of pants, some strap covers for our ERGO baby carrier, appliqueing the 49er logo on a onesie for him, and a fleece 49er sweatshirt for my handsome hubby. My most recent project, though, was a hoodie sweatshirt I made little man with this pattern from Heidi & Finn. She has beautiful patterns, mostly for girls, but a few cute boy ones too.

I had it pinned for a while before finally deciding to buy it and try to make it. I love love love how it turned out! It’s lined all the way through with a really cute circus train fabric. I only did 2 buttons instead of 3, because I used pretty big buttons. Also, the pattern includes a bottom strip of trim to make it more sweatshirt-like. I decided to omit that and make it look more like a little jacket. Anyway, here’s my cutie with his new sweatshirt. I love that this pattern goes up to 6T…I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of these on the little guy as he grows up!