Monthly Archives: October 2008

Tomates Farcies

Once again, I’ve let quite a bit of time go by without posting to fraises et tartines. I’m hoping this trend will change come January when I’m finished with my coursework for my master’s degree. I believe we only have about 8 weeks left in the semester, and I am definitely counting down. I can’t wait for the holidays, when I’ll have 5 weeks off to cook, bake, meet up with old friends, and just relax.

Aside from school, the most recent event around here was Trevor’s knee surgery a week and a half ago. About a month ago, he was doing a simple soccer drill, and he heard a pop in his knee and it gave out on him. He had an MRI and found out that he had a complete tear of his ACL. Not only that, but he had a tear in his meniscus and a loose body of cartilage floating around in his knee. We think that he probably already had a partial tear of his ACL from a previous injury, and the soccer drill just did him in. The surgery wasn’t scheduled until late October, but we got a call from the surgeon on a Tuesday saying that they had an opening for that Friday. So instead of letting Trevor limp around for an extra month, we jumped on the opening and he had the surgery early.

Being that I was already very stressed out about school at the time, the thought of having to take care of a post-surgery husband exacerbated the stress level for me and, by Tuesday night, I was a mess. And here is where the food-related part of my story comes in. Insert my mom. She’s an amazing cook and has a wonderful, generous heart. She offered to come over to my house on the day of the surgery and cook enough tomates farcies to freeze for many future meals. Not only did this greatly decrease my dinner-cooking time for many evenings, it relieved my anxiety about Trevor being in surgery. She managed to distract me from any worst-case scenario thoughts that may have crept into my mind during that day. Thank you, mom!

Trevor’s surgery was a success, by the way. He’s only 1 1/2 weeks out and he is already walking without crutches or a cane or anything. He still has a long road of rehab ahead of him before he’ll be able to run again, but he’s doing really well so far. His physical therapist was impressed, and his surgeon was happy with his handywork.

Now just to elicit jealousy of the delicious dinners we’ve been enjoying (and will continue to enjoy), I took pictures of the tomates farcies-making process.

They are delicious! Merci, maman! Tu es vraiment formidable.