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KCWC To Do List

I didn’t get a chance to post my “to do” list for KCWC last night, but here is is. A hat, two sweatshirts, two pairs of longies and one pair of pants. I hope I can get it all done! Forgive me if I’m a little behind in blogging it all this week. I’ll be busy sewing during normal blogging opportunities. 

Chicken dreams

I’ve been dreaming about raising chickens for years now and my dreams are finally about to become a reality! Just 2 months from today, my handsome (and accommodating) hubby and I are taking a backyard chicken raising class at Love Apple Farm in Scotts Valley and will come home with 3 chicks each (actually, we might not take all 6, we’ll see what we decide we can handle).

I’m so excited I could squeal! Or cluck? Bad joke, I apologize. Anyway, we’ve both been combing the internet for coop plans and starting to look for sources of reclaimed wood. We already have some that we received from a freecycler, but we’ll need more as I’d like to use as much reclaimed wood for this project as we can.

I’m sure I’ll update more about this as it gets closer! For now, I will continue to dream of fluffy chicks and fresh eggs. But not for TOO much longer.

We think this coop is particularly awesome (from here). But we’ll see what we end up tackling.