KCWC Day 1- Giants fleece longies

Yes, I realize that today is Wednesday and that the challenge started on Monday. But I’m new at this sewing challenge thing and I really don’t know how all the other bloggers with young kiddos are managing to sew AND blog everyday. Rest assured, I have been working on my sewing projects that I laid out in my “to do list post.” I just haven’t blogged about them yet.
I’ve actually finished a hat, two pairs of longies and a pair of pants so far, but you only get to see the first pair of longies today. If you look back at the picture from my to do list post, you’ll think I cheated and included an already finished item to the group. Well, I did…kind of. I started them on Sunday and still needed to hem them when I took that picture. And since Sunday is technically the first day of the week, they count. 🙂
So basically, these are a simple pair of fleece longies made with scraps I had laying around the house. Last Christmas I made Trevor and his brother Giants blankets and had some leftover fleece, but not enough to do a full blown pair of Giants longies. I think the black pant with Giants waisband is a little more functional for everyday wear anyway.
This is actually the first pattern that I’ve made from scratch just using little man’s measurements! I used this pattern-making tutorial I found on Diaper Swappers. I’m planning on dyeing some wool interlock to make a couple pairs of wool longies and wanted to test out the pattern on cheap (or in this case free!) fleece before cutting into my very pricey wool. So far, so good.
The pictures I got of little man wearing the longies weren’t the best, so I apologize. He’s quite wiggly these days.
Short rest break after lots of failed photo session giggles

Next up: A new hat for the little man!

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