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Double Bump Dishcloth

Sorry for disappearing on you guys again. I’m not promising regular updates in the very near future, but I do hope to come around more often than I have been. 

Here’s a quick project that I finished a little while ago and forgot to post. I found the pattern for this Double Bump Dishcloth on Ravelry and decided to give it a try. As a fairly novice knitter, I liked the idea of trying something new to me (the double bump), but still pretty simple. And I’m always a fan of making something utilitarian, so this fit the bill nicely. I finished it in a couple of hours, so for knitting this is as close to instant gratification as you’re going to get.

So there you have it! The double bump dishcloth, complete with a bar of my homemade soap. Unfortunately, I’ve confirmed that I’m really more of a sponge person, so this has been relegated to a bath/shower wash cloth. I prefer the idea of dishcloths, since you wash and reuse them, but I never feel like they get my dishes as clean. This is all in my head. I’m sure of it. But I like squeaky clean dishes so sponges it is. For now.

Knit Santa Hat with FREE Pattern

Last Saturday was small business Saturday and Amex was running this pretty sweet promotion where if you signed up and spent $25 at a small business, they would give you a $25 credit. I immediately thought, “free yarn!” Yipee!! On top of that, my local yarn store had a “make your own sale” that day. Basically, you got to pick a poker chip out of a pot and get the equivalent discount off your purchase (including clearance items). So I set out to the yarn store with a list of yarn I needed to make this cardigan I’ve had my eye on for ages. I did end up finding the yarn I needed for that project (which I wont start until after Christmas), but I also wound up checking out the clearance bin and found some super soft red and white Alpaca and Merino blend yarn. It was a steal with both discounts, so I decided I’d make little man a Santa hat with it.
I looked around on Ravelry for a pattern I liked but didn’t really find anything just right in his size. So, for the first time ever, I went rogue and made my own knitting pattern. I based my decreases off of this hat pattern from Apartment Full of Fur, Fuss, and Fiber because she also started off with 60 stitches, but I adjusted the number of rows in between decreases. Here’s how it turned out:
In case anybody out there needs a Santa hat pattern that will fit a toddler (18-24 months…maybe beyond that given how stretchy it is), I’m posting the pattern here for you to use and enjoy too. Please bear with me if there are differences from how patterns are normally written. I’m new to this, and also just learning how to read patterns in English (I have always used French patterns until recently).
Toddler Santa Hat (18-24 mo)
Yarn: Aran weight. Approximately 110 yards MC (red) and 50 yards CC (white or ecru)
Recommended Yarn: Cascade Yarns “Cloud 9”
Gauge: 4 sts= 1 inch in stockinette
Needles: Size 9 US DPNs or 40″ (or longer) circular for “Magic Loop” method
CO 60 sts in CC. Place marker and join the round.
Stitch in garter stitch (Knit a round, purl a round)
Continue until 1.5 inches is reached
Switch to MC. Continue in stockinette until you reach 3.5 inches total
Begin decreases:
K4, K2tog, repeat around (50 sts remain)
K around for 6 rows
K3, K2tog, repeat around (40 sts remain)
K around for 6 rows
K2, K2tog, repeat around (30 sts remain)
K around for 4 rows
K1, K2tog, repeat around (20 sts remain)
K around for 6 rows
K2 tog around (10 sts remain)
K2tog 4 times, then K2

6 sts remain. Tie off by using a tapestry needle to thread through remaining sts. Attach pom pom.