Returning home after vacation




We were lucky enough to spend the last week in Maui. Beautiful beautiful Maui. Even though vacation has taken on a new meaning since our kiddos were born, it was such a treat to get away from our usual responsibilities and enjoy some family time in a gorgeous place.

We went on a glass bottom boat tour. The little man really loved seeing the scuba divers come to the glass with star fish, sea urchins and coral for us to get a closer look.

ImageWe also had a chance to visit the Maui Ocean Center (the aquarium). Little man was obsessed. He got to see lots of fish, sea turtles, sharks, sting rays, and more.

ImageAnd of course we had plenty of time to play at the beach and at the pool too. But alas and alack, all vacations must come to an end. Our flight arrived late last night. At 10:30pm. By the time we picked up our luggage and got home it was 11:15 pm and by the time we got the littles to bed it was 11:45pm. Ouf! You’d think we would have immediately collapsed into bed ourselves, but we hadn’t had a chance to eat much dinner on a plane. At that hour, we wouldn’t have found much open and really didn’t want to go out again anyway.  Our fridge was pretty bare when we left. I even took the opportunity to clean it since it was already so empty!

ImageHmm…some jam, miso paste, beer, whole wheat flour, champagne, and….eggs! I made sure to keep our eggs unwashed before we left so they were fresh and ready to eat upon our return. I had also made a big batch of english muffins a few days before our trip and froze them. So hubby and I enjoyed a late night snack of fresh eggs and homemade english muffins. Not too bad for scrounging.



I was a little worried about what I was going to feed my kids today, though (you know, other than eggs and english muffins). I didn’t love the idea of having to rush to the grocery store but as you can see our fridge was pretty empty. I must have been jet-lagged because it wasn’t until I went out to feed the chickens this morning that I realized I had lots of vegetables to harvest in my garden! How convenient! So, before getting the littles up, I was able to harvest one zucchini, one pound of purple potatoes, some celery, 4 carrots, and even a few blackberries! Here’s what our fridge looks like now.

ImagePlenty to make a healthy lunch today. And with the split quarter of grass fed beef in our freezer, I will be able to get a great dinner out of what we already have at home too. After eating out for over a week, getting some healthy, homemade food back on our plates is what I’m really craving. Here’s to home!

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