Latest creation- Urban Hoodie

Yesterday, I wrote about how I’ve decided that this blog is going to be more than just about food. Because, let’s be honest, I don’t have quite as much time to do the level of cooking and styling and photographing of food that I used to. This does not mean that we aren’t eating (obviously) or even that we aren’t eating well. I’ve made more bread so far in 2012 than I probably have in my life (thanks to my nifty new bread machine) and my handsome (and thoughtful) husband made an amazing Crab Salad with Pears and Hazelnuts (minus the hazelnuts…boo to Whole Foods. Who runs out of hazelnuts in the BULK section?!) for Valentine’s Day. No, we’re still eating quite well around here. I just have expanded interests and would like to share those as well.

One of the interests that I have yet to share is sewing. I’m a newbie in the sewing world but already having lots of fun. I started teaching myself on my mom’s machine when I was 7 months pregnant (I’ve since taken her sewing machine custody…it now “lives” at my house). I started little man’s baby blanket then, had to put it away for a little while when he was a newborn, and finished it when he was about 3 months old. Since then, I’ve jumped into making him lots of pairs of pants, some strap covers for our ERGO baby carrier, appliqueing the 49er logo on a onesie for him, and a fleece 49er sweatshirt for my handsome hubby. My most recent project, though, was a hoodie sweatshirt I made little man with this pattern from Heidi & Finn. She has beautiful patterns, mostly for girls, but a few cute boy ones too.

I had it pinned for a while before finally deciding to buy it and try to make it. I love love love how it turned out! It’s lined all the way through with a really cute circus train fabric. I only did 2 buttons instead of 3, because I used pretty big buttons. Also, the pattern includes a bottom strip of trim to make it more sweatshirt-like. I decided to omit that and make it look more like a little jacket. Anyway, here’s my cutie with his new sweatshirt. I love that this pattern goes up to 6T…I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of these on the little guy as he grows up!

6 thoughts on “Latest creation- Urban Hoodie

  1. Shannon

    Love it! The B&W train fabric especially looks amazing! (I'm the Nestie who is your “craft twin” with the baby almost the same age who also has the same serger!)

  2. Sue

    I didn't know that you do sew.
    He looks so cute in it.
    I saw the pattern,Quentin looks much nicer than the pattern photo.
    you did much better job.
    Julie ,you are amazing.

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