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Basic food preservation- drying herbs


One of the very easiest ways to start saving food that you’ve grown is to dry herbs. In my garden herbs are prolific. I have oregano, thyme, basil, parsley, rosemary, lemon balm, mint, lemon verbena, tarragon. Of those, I’ve found that the easiest ones to dry for safe keeping are oregano, thyme and rosemary because they’re already fairly dry herbs to begin with and their leaves are small. 

The process for these herbs is extremely simple. Just cut what you want to dry, tie the stems together at the bottom and hang them upside down for a week or two until they’re completely dry and brittle. Then remove the leaves from the stem and store in a clean, dry jar. What could be easier? 


A few weeks ago, my thyme and oregano were taking over one of my raised beds in the front yard. I needed to make some room for other things to go in but of course would hate for all those herbs to go to waste. So I dried them and replenished my supply from last summer. So simple. And I use oregano daily in my cooking, so it’s a good thing it grows so well here. 


For basil, your best bet is to cut the leaves in half and dry with a food dehydrator on a very low heat setting. Basil leaves are just so moist that they take a long time to dry and do better with a little extra help from the dehydrator. I haven’t tried parsley but I imagine it would be the same. 


Happy preserving!