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New and Improved!

Well, I finally figured out how to make my pictures larger in blogger. For anyone interested in how to do this, there’s a nice tutorial here. I was getting so frustrated with how small my pictures looked that I considered scrapping blogger and starting over. Luckily, that wont be necessary now. I did make some changes, though, and would welcome any feedback or ideas on how to improve it further!

Since I spent most of today working on setting up various web things (like a new family website that will be up and running in a few weeks…hopefully), there’s no food post today. However, here’s a nice large photo of our strawberry plant. I can’t wait to taste some home-grown summer strawberries!

Paris here we come!

Tomorrow, Trevor and I finally leave for our long-awaited trip to Paris. We are so excited! This trip has been in the works since last summer (at least!), so our anticipation has been building up for quite a while! And to top it all off, we’ll be spending our first 5 days in Paris with two of our very good friends from San Diego. We rarely get to see them, so having them all to ourselves for 5 days straight will be quite a treat!

While we’re there, I’ll be posting food-related photos to fraises et tartines. I’ll also try to post some general photos and updates to the Olsen Family blog that I signed up for a while back, knowing that we would want a family blog someday, but left parked in cyberspace until now.

So, since this is a food blog, after all, I’m posting a “Foodie Top 10” for you.

Foodie Top 10: Things I’m looking forward to about Paris

10. Being totally jet-lagged, waking up at 5am, and walking down to the corner boulangerie to pick up a piping hot baguette and croissants for breakfast.
9. Going to the farmer’s market to buy some melon and asking for one “for today” and having the farmer choose a perfectly ripe melon.
8. Espresso at every corner.
7. Taking a picnic of baguette and rillettes to the Jardin de Luxembourg.
6. Nutella crêpes from the St. Michel crêpe stand.
5. Falafel for Sunday lunch in the Marais.
4. The incredible dairy section at any grocery store.
3. Being mesmerized by the selection at the cheese shop down the street from us. And then asking for a camembert, “bien prêt” (meaning, “ready,” which for a camembert means “soft & flavorful”).
2. Looking at, taking photos of, and eating delicious pastries, but especially…
1. …Macarons from Pierre Hermé and Ladurée!

Some Pierre Hermé treats from our last trip: