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Jack-O-Lantern Treat Bag

This will be little man’s first Halloween trick or treating. And by trick or treating I mean we’re going to go to a few neighbors’ houses to say hello and show off his costume. He probably doesn’t *need* a special trick or treating bag for this Halloween, but I can’t help it. I’m addicted to making things for my little boy. Plus, he’s obsessed with pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns right now so I think he’ll love it.

I used the bag pattern in Butterick B6695. You can barely see the example bag in the link, but the little boy dressed as a dalmatian is holding it. It looks like that little guy’s bag is made out of fleece. I made this one out of flannel. I’m so happy with how it turned out! I think I’m going to have to make little man another non-Halloween bag, because he was really into carrying his new bag around the house to hold his treasures.

Are you ready for Halloween? What have you been creating for it?

Giants longies in action

I already posted about these longies, just over two weeks ago. My timing in making them was impeccable, no? Who wouldn’t want a pair of mama made longies to watch your team in the World Series?
Game 1, first inning. Sandoval’s first home run of the night.

I changed his outfit before dinner so that they’d be clean enough to wear for tonight’s game too. So far, they’re lucky longies!

KCWC Day 5- Urban hoodie revisited

I know I promised to have this post up yesterday, but this weekend ended up being seriously crazy. It was good busy, but busy all the same and I never got a chance to take pictures, upload them and sit down at the computer to write up a post.
This hoodie might look familiar to you. I made almost exactly the same one for little man when he was 6 months old and posted about it here.
Aside from the buttons and bigger size, it pretty much looks exactly the same. I know, I’m boring, but what can I say? I loved this sweatshirt, had extra lining fabric, and decided to make it again. This time around, I also used cotton quilting batting in between the lining and main fabric to make it a bit warmer for the winter. That was new to me. I pinned it onto the wrong side of the lining and then just sewed the rest as I normally would have. I really love how it turned out and already have a plan for my next project with this pattern. I want to adapt it into a jacket (no hood), make the sleeves a bit bigger (they always end up tight with this pattern), line with batting again.

This concludes my KCWC sewing. I petered out after Friday. The weekend was too nutty to continue. I had a lot of fun participating in this for the first time, and found some new super talented and creative bloggers to follow. If you’re interested, check out the flickr feed with all the photos of people’s kids clothes week challenge creations. Thanks to for hosting!

KCWC Day 4- 49er Longies

If I’m being honest, I finished these before the corduroy pants. I think. The week is kind of a blur at this point. But I didn’t want to post too many pairs of longies in a row! Plus, I’ll be making wool longies soon and THAT would definitely be too many longies all in a row.
Remember the Giant’s longies I wrote about here? These are the same. Only football. See honey! You taught me something after all these years together! Those of you who know me are well aware of my complete lack of interest in anything sports related (my hubby, on the other hand, is the biggest sports fan I know. How did that happen? We channel Tim Gunn and “Make it work”).
Where I do get on the sports bandwagon is when it involves making various team paraphernalia for my little guy. I got the idea to make some niners longies for little man because I had enough gold and red fleece left over from another project to almost be able to make these longies. I was missing one pant leg, and wasn’t feeling up to going to the fabric store after he had gone to bed (I normally go with him…he’s quite the regular at our fabric store). Hubby, being the die hard fabric 49er fan that he is, kindly offered to go get the fabric for me. I left him detailed directions to the location of the fleece within the store and then instructions for how to have the fabric cut at the cut counter. I only needed a half yard of red fleece. But, my brave husband went rogue and came home with a yard of 49er minky fabric. Did I mention he’s a die hard 49er fan? Red and gold was not enough. The longies had to include the team logo!
I’m glad he went rogue because these are pretty freaking cute, soft and obviously necessary for little man to adequately support his team on football Sundays. And do yoga.

KCWC Day 3- Corduroy Pants

Yep, still behind in blogging my projects for Kids Clothes Week Challenge. But alas and alack…this may just have to be KCWC + Sunday by the time I get posts up about each item I’ve finished.
Oh well! These pants were the third item I finished. I altered a pattern my mom saved from when she was sewing pants for me as a baby. I’ve been using that pattern since little man was about 6 months, so needless to say, it’s getting a little small. I made it bigger to fit him now, plus added extra length to allow for the bottom elastic casing.
I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, and little man seems to like them too! I think there will me more pairs of pants like these in his future.
Oh and you might recognize the fabric from his overalls that I blogged about here. I had enough fabric left over for these pants. Yay!

And a few other shots from a different outing with a different jacket. Can you tell the weather has cooled down all of a sudden around here? Yesterday, a bucket hat. Today, corduroy pants and a knit sweater. That’s fall in California for you!

KCWC Day 2- Reversible bucket hat

The last hat I made for little man was before we left for France when he was 10 months old. Now that he’s 15 months, that hat has long been put into a box of “too small” clothes and my poor little guy has either been going hat-less (gasp!) or wearing a not-so-cute Costco hat that hubby flat out refuses to use (my husband is a stylish guy for those of you who don’t know him). Actually that’s not entirely true, I made him another hat that still fits but has gone missing for the last few weeks. Either way, he was in need of new headwear.
Since fall is upon us, I wanted to use a slightly warmer fabric than the linen I used for his summer hat. I chose some scraps of a knit sweatshirt fabric that I used for this sweater (another free project! Yay!). However, California fall can mean anything from 50s and rainy to 80s and sunny so he still needs more sun protection than a beanie provides.
I used this bucket hat pattern from Sew Much Ado. It’s size 2T, so still a teensy bit big for little man, but it works. I think I’ve finally figured out in my head how to go about making a hat pattern based on his head circumference (thank you basic geometry!), so I might try again after the KCWC is over. In the meantime, though, this will protect his cute little head and it’s cute! I used fusible interfacing on both sides of the fabric to help the hat keep its shape. Did I mention it’s reversible?

Next up for KCWC: Corduroy pants.

KCWC Day 1- Giants fleece longies

Yes, I realize that today is Wednesday and that the challenge started on Monday. But I’m new at this sewing challenge thing and I really don’t know how all the other bloggers with young kiddos are managing to sew AND blog everyday. Rest assured, I have been working on my sewing projects that I laid out in my “to do list post.” I just haven’t blogged about them yet.
I’ve actually finished a hat, two pairs of longies and a pair of pants so far, but you only get to see the first pair of longies today. If you look back at the picture from my to do list post, you’ll think I cheated and included an already finished item to the group. Well, I did…kind of. I started them on Sunday and still needed to hem them when I took that picture. And since Sunday is technically the first day of the week, they count. 🙂
So basically, these are a simple pair of fleece longies made with scraps I had laying around the house. Last Christmas I made Trevor and his brother Giants blankets and had some leftover fleece, but not enough to do a full blown pair of Giants longies. I think the black pant with Giants waisband is a little more functional for everyday wear anyway.
This is actually the first pattern that I’ve made from scratch just using little man’s measurements! I used this pattern-making tutorial I found on Diaper Swappers. I’m planning on dyeing some wool interlock to make a couple pairs of wool longies and wanted to test out the pattern on cheap (or in this case free!) fleece before cutting into my very pricey wool. So far, so good.
The pictures I got of little man wearing the longies weren’t the best, so I apologize. He’s quite wiggly these days.
Short rest break after lots of failed photo session giggles

Next up: A new hat for the little man!