Scrap Wood Blocks Part 1

I did end up getting to most of my Christmas gift projects from my queue this year, but sometimes you need to admit defeat. I wanted to make little man a set of blocks from the scrap wood we had left over after building the chicken coop. I did pretty well. Cut out the pieces and sanded…oh about 8 of them. I managed to get some of them done while he and I were playing outside but the weather has been so rainy that there hasn’t been much outside playtime recently. So the blocks will have to wait for his birthday. Or maybe he’ll get to have them before his birthday if I finish them months ahead of time and don’t want to wait to give them to him (more likely scenario).

Here he was “helping” me trace out the shapes for his blocks on the larger pieces of wood.

There he is! Peek a boo!

Do you ever have to admit defeat on well-intentioned projects? Or at least postpone them for another time. I sure hope I’m not the only one!

3 thoughts on “Scrap Wood Blocks Part 1

  1. FBJS

    This one is gonna be a challenge. Blocks are made from hardwood (deciduous) species and that is a softwood (conifer). It has a high water content from the sap so it will shrink and crack and change shape. You definitely want to let them sit in the house for a while to stabilize.

    Good luck!

  2. Julie

    It does, doesn't it? I've been neglecting this project. Especially since my friend (the previous commenter) gave me a pass to “let them stabilize” for a while. 🙂


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