Embroidered Handkerchiefs

*sigh*…I haven’t posted in an embarrassingly long time again. I assure you that it’s because I’m busy crafting, enjoying my family, recovering from the stomach flu (okay that one was not fun), enjoying my family some more. I have lots of posts queued up in my mind, but they wont write themselves. The pictures are taken. Heck, they’re even uploaded into blogger. I just need to sit down and write. I’m going easy on myself, though. No promises on new posts before the new year.

Here’s a little something that I made for my dad’s birthday gift this year. I wont tell you how old he turned, but it was one of the decade ones so it was extra special. My dad is one of those guys who isn’t easy to shop for. I usually end up buying him books because he is a big nerd (in a good way) and is constantly learning about lots of things all at the same time. Hmm…come to think of it, I’m like that too. Only I like to learn about things I can make with my hands, while he likes to learn about things like batteries, LEDs, and computational linguistics. Still, we’re both lifelong learners and I think that’s pretty cool. (Not to leave my mom out…she’s also an avid reader and lifelong learner).

Anyway, I wanted to make something special for my dad. He still uses cloth handkerchiefs so I initially thought about making him some handkerchiefs. Finding just the right fabric (soft linen, not too thick, but still crisp when you iron it) was overwhelming at best. Instead, I chose some really nice Irish linen handkerchiefs on Embroider This and decided I would embroider them for him.

Hubby and I brainstormed and he suggested writing post-sneeze sayings in different languages on the handkerchiefs. I loved the idea and started looking up the sayings I would use. When I wrote down “a tes souhaits” in French, I realized that French offered me the perfect trio of sayings (perfect in that I had three handkerchiefs). When someone sneezes in France you say “a tes souhaits” (to your wishes). If the same person sneezes again you say, “a tes amours” (to your loves), to which the sneezer is supposed to respond, “que les tiens durent toujours” (to yours lasting forever). It was settled. I printed the sayings in the font I wanted, used transfer paper to transfer them on the handkerchiefs, and set out to embroider. They were a hit and immediately got put to their intended use. I’m glad he’s not afraid to actually use them rather than keep them in a drawer.

Happy Birthday Dad! (Over a month later). I love you!


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