Happy Halloween!

We had so much fun yesterday! It was crazy and thus I didn’t have time to write up a blog post, but it was totally worth the crazy. We started off with music class, then went straight to our downtown for toddler/preschooler trick or treating, then came home for lunch and a late nap. I made some Jack-O-Lantern soup for dinner and we had an early dinner followed by trick or treating on our street. Little man had so much fun. Initially he hated wearing his costume, but he quickly forgot about it and kept it on. He loved going up to knock on our neighbors’ doors, sign “please,” take a piece of candy and put it in his bag and then sign “thank you.” We loved chatting with and meeting neighbors. We bought our house over a year ago, but still hadn’t met everyone. Halloween gave us a great opportunity to knock on peoples’ doors and chat with them.
About the costume- The pattern I used was Butterick 6695. He was supposed to be a tiger, but the only fabric I could find was this half tiger-half leopard print. Whatever. We went with it. Besides, if he had truly been a tiger, I would have gotten even more comments from my local Giants fans like “Why isn’t he a panda instead of a tiger, huh?” How could I have known over a month ago when I sewed this that the Giants would end up winning the World Series against the Tigers?
Luckily for little man, the heat wave we had last week broke and we got some cool weather for Halloween. We would have had to figure something else out at the last minute if it had been in the 80s like last weekend.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween! Did you dress up? Did your kiddo dress up? Share or link your costume in the comments! I want to see 🙂

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