Baby chicks!

Well, my dreams of chicken ownership have finally come to fruition. I posted about our plans to take a chicken raising class months ago, and that day has finally come (and gone). In fact, we’ve had the chicks for 2 weeks now and I’m just now getting a chance to post about it. They’ve already moved out of their cute phase and into their “awkward teenage phase.” So sad, they grow up so fast. *sniff sniff*

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves blog-wise. Let’s pretend this is two weeks ago when they were 3 day old tiny fluff balls. We got 5 of them and they all fit into this little box. They kept each other warm for the drive home.

Here is our Buff Orpington. She will lay light brown eggs.

Here’s our Silver Cochlin. She’ll also lay light brown eggs.

We also got two Ameracauna’s (they lay light blue eggs) and a Wellsummer, who will lay chocolate brown eggs. Now we just have to wait 6 months for them to start laying! (We’re crossing our fingers that they’re all hens, since we have to get rid of roosters. The hatchery guarantees a 90% female rate, so there could be a rooster in there).

Work on their coop starts this weekend. I’m excited!

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