KCWC Day 5- Urban hoodie revisited

I know I promised to have this post up yesterday, but this weekend ended up being seriously crazy. It was good busy, but busy all the same and I never got a chance to take pictures, upload them and sit down at the computer to write up a post.
This hoodie might look familiar to you. I made almost exactly the same one for little man when he was 6 months old and posted about it here.
Aside from the buttons and bigger size, it pretty much looks exactly the same. I know, I’m boring, but what can I say? I loved this sweatshirt, had extra lining fabric, and decided to make it again. This time around, I also used cotton quilting batting in between the lining and main fabric to make it a bit warmer for the winter. That was new to me. I pinned it onto the wrong side of the lining and then just sewed the rest as I normally would have. I really love how it turned out and already have a plan for my next project with this pattern. I want to adapt it into a jacket (no hood), make the sleeves a bit bigger (they always end up tight with this pattern), line with batting again.

This concludes my KCWC sewing. I petered out after Friday. The weekend was too nutty to continue. I had a lot of fun participating in this for the first time, and found some new super talented and creative bloggers to follow. If you’re interested, check out the flickr feed with all the photos of people’s kids clothes week challenge creations. Thanks to www.elsiemarley.com for hosting!

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