KCWC Day 4- 49er Longies

If I’m being honest, I finished these before the corduroy pants. I think. The week is kind of a blur at this point. But I didn’t want to post too many pairs of longies in a row! Plus, I’ll be making wool longies soon and THAT would definitely be too many longies all in a row.
Remember the Giant’s longies I wrote about here? These are the same. Only football. See honey! You taught me something after all these years together! Those of you who know me are well aware of my complete lack of interest in anything sports related (my hubby, on the other hand, is the biggest sports fan I know. How did that happen? We channel Tim Gunn and “Make it work”).
Where I do get on the sports bandwagon is when it involves making various team paraphernalia for my little guy. I got the idea to make some niners longies for little man because I had enough gold and red fleece left over from another project to almost be able to make these longies. I was missing one pant leg, and wasn’t feeling up to going to the fabric store after he had gone to bed (I normally go with him…he’s quite the regular at our fabric store). Hubby, being the die hard fabric 49er fan that he is, kindly offered to go get the fabric for me. I left him detailed directions to the location of the fleece within the store and then instructions for how to have the fabric cut at the cut counter. I only needed a half yard of red fleece. But, my brave husband went rogue and came home with a yard of 49er minky fabric. Did I mention he’s a die hard 49er fan? Red and gold was not enough. The longies had to include the team logo!
I’m glad he went rogue because these are pretty freaking cute, soft and obviously necessary for little man to adequately support his team on football Sundays. And do yoga.

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