Organizing Toys for my Toddler

After little man’s first birthday, we found ourselves needing a better way to organize his toys. What a lucky boy he was (and continues to be) with all the new things he has to play with. But, our single fabric bin to store all his toys just wasn’t going to cut it anymore.
See how things were before? A mess!! And with two parents who hate clutter, this mess wouldn’t last for long.
So off to IKEA we went, in search of a solution. I had visions of cubbies that we would eventually be able to label with words and pictures to identify where things go. This is how many of the preschool classrooms I’ve worked in are organized, to help the children be more independent in their toy clean up. I love the concept and plan on implementing someday…when I have a chance to take pictures of all his toys. Maybe that will happen before he goes to preschool…

We ended up deciding on the Expedit shelving from IKEA. They have many different combinations of cubes available, but we settled on a 4×4 cube shelf. I was hoping to find some clear plastic boxes (“totes” as my husband likes to call them) that would fit in the cubes, so that he can see what’s inside and point to the box he wants to play with. I figured I would have a hard time finding the perfect box.

Turns out, we already had them in the house! The clear plastic bins from the Container Store fit perfectly! See the two on the bottom left? Those are two of their “sweater boxes.” And the one on the right is a “deep sweater box.” I’m really happy with how this turned out, and little man seems to like it too! He points to what he wants if he can’t get to it himself, and he’s already able to start to participating in cleaning up his toys. Win win!


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