Chicken dreams

I’ve been dreaming about raising chickens for years now and my dreams are finally about to become a reality! Just 2 months from today, my handsome (and accommodating) hubby and I are taking a backyard chicken raising class at Love Apple Farm in Scotts Valley and will come home with 3 chicks each (actually, we might not take all 6, we’ll see what we decide we can handle).

I’m so excited I could squeal! Or cluck? Bad joke, I apologize. Anyway, we’ve both been combing the internet for coop plans and starting to look for sources of reclaimed wood. We already have some that we received from a freecycler, but we’ll need more as I’d like to use as much reclaimed wood for this project as we can.

I’m sure I’ll update more about this as it gets closer! For now, I will continue to dream of fluffy chicks and fresh eggs. But not for TOO much longer.

We think this coop is particularly awesome (from here). But we’ll see what we end up tackling.


6 thoughts on “Chicken dreams

  1. born ambitious. born imaginative.

    Exciting!! Definitely take all 6. You never know what will happen to them. Best to have a few spares. I can't wait to start from scratch next spring with new chicks! (Decided against having baby chicks and a newborn this year). Can't wait to hear what you learn.

  2. Julie

    You're right about never knowing what might happen to them. I mean, a bear could just wander into our backyard! Oh wait, no, that was you! But seriously, I think you're right. One might end up being a rooster. We will probably just take the 6. That's the max we're allowed.
    Good call on your decision against chicks and a newborn. You have plenty on your plate!!

  3. Eva

    Here are a bunch of reclaimed/salvage sites in the bay area – the first one on the list is in San Mateo and definitely has wood.

  4. Julie

    Shannon- I'm surprised that your town doesn't allow chickens! I thought you guys were a bunch of tree huggers like us 😉

    Like you said, an egg share is a great alternative! My CSA doesn't have one, but right now I get my eggs from a woman local to me who raises chickens. It's handy and the eggs are delicious!


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