Drip pan magnet board

Pinterest, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I’ve gotten so many great ideas from pinterest. We kind of had a love-hate relationship going on while I was planning little man’s birthday party. There are just too many great ideas and I wanted to do them ALL. I did manage to do many of them, and then asked my friend to kindly slap me if I decided to attempt so many pins again next year.

Now that I’ve had a few weeks to recover from the party, pinterest and I are back on speaking terms. There are so many more pins to complete on my list!

When I came across this pin, I knew there would be a drip pan magnet board in our future. We have a stainless steel refrigerator, which means it’s not magnetized. Same thing with our dishwasher. I thought it was too bad that little man wouldn’t be able to play with letter magnets, but figured he would overcome this first world problem and learn his letters anyway. Well, now he’ll be able to play with letter magnets (and other magnets) galore.

The drip pan pin links to a blog post on Nic and Kate. The blog post pictures an alphabet board on a drip pan, which is a really cool idea for doing matching games with magnetic letters. But, my little guy is not quite to alphabet matching yet, so I figured we’d just leave those off and use the drip pan alone. 

We bought the drip pan at Auto Zone for about $10. We took it outside to give it a good scrub and rinse before mounting it because it was a bit greasy. Not as greasy as I expected after reading Nic & Kate, but greasy enough for a good cleaning. Trevor used 3M adhesive strips to mount the drip pan to the back of our counter without putting any holes in the drip pan (or the wood). He used about 8 strips to make sure it was secure. 

Here it is mounted and ready for play!

A friend’s 2.5 year old daughter, also having fun with the magnets. I was so glad to see little man will be able to grow with this! We eventually want to get the leap frog alphabet letters for him, but for now he’s loving the leap frog farm animals he got from a friend for his birthday.

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