"Waldorf" Dress- My first home sewn dress!

No no, it’s not for little man. And no, I’m not pregnant. We have some good friends from college who’s sweet little girl was born just 2 months after our kiddo. They recently moved near us (yipee!), so our littles have become good buddies these last few months. Much to her daddy’s dismay, they love to give each other big open-mouthed baby kisses whenever they see each other with absolutely no prompting from their mommas.
Anyway, back when we went to Paris, my mom introduced me to the fabric district. Needless to say, I fell totally in love. In this neighborhood, fabric stores are like Starbucks in Seattle. If you’re standing at the door of one store, you can see at least 4 other fabric stores. Amazing.
I found the fabric for this dress there, and immediately knew I would use it to make a dress for our friend’s daughter’s birthday. I’d never made a dress before, but doggonit, I would make one for this occasion. I found this adorable pattern on Etsy from 5Berries, confirmed that just over a yard of fabric would suffice to make the dress, and set out to work. It took me about 4 nights of sewing to finish it, but I am pretty darn proud of it. The pattern was very detailed and included instructions for how to make French seams (which I had never done before), and how to gather (which I had also never done before). I learned so much from making this dress. Maybe next time, it will only take me 3 nights!
I ended up giving little man’s friend her new dress about 6 weeks early because I was too excited to let it sit in my closet for that long just waiting for her birthday. Happy Birthday baby girl!

6 thoughts on “"Waldorf" Dress- My first home sewn dress!

  1. Shannon

    Oh my gosh! This looks AMAZING!!! You did a great job. I'm super jealous of the fabric district in Paris (although my wallet is probably grateful). Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Julie

    Thank you Shannon! Have you made any dresses yet for Emmie? I saw those diapers you made her, so I know you have the sewing skills to do it! Like I said in the post, the pattern (more like tutorial) is full of details. I doubt I could have done it as well had it just been a traditional pattern. I'm still too much of a newbie. I ❤ tutorials!

  3. Julie

    I'm so glad you guys like it! It's nerve-wracking sewing a gift for someone. There's a big difference between a homemade gift and a handmade gift, I feel. I was really trying to err on the side of “handmade” with this. 🙂 Love you guys!

  4. Julie

    Thank you Kelsey! Maybe the boys can watch the kiddos one night and we can have a sewing night 🙂

    Also, Clara is still a totally appropriate age for wearing onesies. They're so convenient at that age! There's no shame in onesies!


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