Baby’s first trip to France!

I wrote on the Fraises et Tartines facebook page that I probably would not be posting much for right now because of our computer issues. I’m still having problems with my laptop randomly shutting down, but so far this morning, things seem to be okay. So I’ll take advantage to brag share about our trip to France. See, the name Fraises et Tartines did not come about just because food blogs with French names sound more delicious. It was also because I am, in fact, French American. I grew up in the States, but spoke French before English (*gasp*). I spent most of my summers in France visiting friends and family, so it’s very exciting to me to share a first trip to France with my son.

One of the first things we did was take him to the Jardin du Luxembourg. This is the spot where I said my first full sentence, according to my mom. “Veux pousser bateau avec baguette” (or, “Want to push boat with stick”). Fast forward about 20 years, and this was also a favorite spot for a picnic with friends when I was studying in Paris. There’s a bakery near the park that has a “formule” (or, “menu”) at lunchtime. 1 simple baguette sandwich + pastry + drink for 6 Euros and 30 cents. The simple sandwich is half of a fresh baguette with ham and butter, and the pastry I chose was a lemon meringue tarte. For about $7. Add a little sun and people watching and you’ve got yourself my ideal Sunday picnic.

Here are some pictures from the beginning of our trip. I’ll try to post more soon.

Jardin du Luxembourg on a beautiful day.

Wearing his newest hat, made by momma.
Jet lag is hard. “I’m supposed to be in bed right now, but the sun is out.”

In the summer, this fountain is filled with little sailboats that kids push around with sticks.        Hence my request as a young one.
     We went on a beautifully sunny day, which has been rare in Paris recently. We weren’t the only ones taking advantage!

Rocks! Are these food too?

I wanted Quentin to have a little ground beef, so we asked the butcher for a baby-sized portion. This is what we got. Perfect!

             The dairy section of the grocery store in France is my absolute favorite.                                 Quentin seems to like it too.

Jet lagged baby. This is the first time I’ve been able to get a picture of him sleeping without waking him up. He was pretty zonked at the beginning. 

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