Picture catch-up!

I’m sorry that I’ve gone missing again. I was in such a good routine of posting at least weekly, and then….our main computer died. Ok died is exaggerating a bit. It wouldn’t move past the gray screen. We called Apple Care and got it boot up, but now it moves slower than snail’s pace and we need to call them back, but haven’t had a chance. I have my laptop, but I don’t typically upload pictures onto it for fear of slowing it down with all the extra megs. Anyway, I finally gave in and uploaded my pictures to the laptop. So here are some pictures from the last few months! 
Also, forgive the odd fomatting. Blogger has changed their user interface since the last time I posted and it’s wonky to me. I’ll have to get used to it.
This is an old picture (from March). Quentin is helping me tear up newspaper to add to 
our worm bin. We add toilet paper rolls to the worm bin too. Those were his favorite!
Steamed beets and carrots from our CSA! A perfect finger food for baby.
Mr. Q likes to feed himself. Momma doesn’t like pea puree on her walls,
 but he’s gotta learn sometime, right?
 Exploring the grape vines. Thanks to Trevor, who figured out how to prune them 
currectly, there are little grapes starting to grow on them! 
They are Muscat grapes…very flavorful!
Hmm…what’s hiding in here?
Look momma! I found some dirt!
And he’s on the move!
Yum…a stick!
Enjoying a Sunday afternoon party at his grandparents’ house

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