Helping mama in the kitchen

Quentin is 8 months old now, so I figure it’s high time he start pulling his weight around here. The other day, I pulled his high chair into the kitchen and he “helped” me bake a chocolate zucchini cake. He was a good little helper, although he sure did think it was fun to drop his bowl on the ground and have me pick it up.

Hmm…what’s this. Looks like the one we use at dinner. Only HUGE!

Oh yea, this is familiar. Now where’s the broccoli?

Can I put this one in my mouth?

Doh! I overshot a little there…that was bigger than I thought.

Oh little boy…so much to discover. We have so many days of cooking and baking together ahead of us!

6 thoughts on “Helping mama in the kitchen

  1. Julie

    Yes! I've seen some pictures on your blog of your cute little guy helping in the kitchen. I'm looking forward to that age too. 🙂

  2. Julie

    Shannon- Thanks! Obviously, both our babies are still very young to actually help, but I definitely think it's fun to let them be with us when we cook and play with cooking utensils and maybe even “help” stir soon. 🙂

  3. Shannon

    You inspired me. I had E sit in her high chair next to the kitchen and I gave her a wooden spoon and a plastic bowl. Best. Toys. Ever. She had so much fun, and I made a lot of yummy stuff! Thanks for the great idea!


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