Pleated pouch

Ahh, pinterest. You did it again. You piqued my interest in a crafty endeavor and coaxed me back to my sewing machine. I originally pinned this from A Lemon Squeezy Home. She has a fantastic and easy to follow and free Pleated Pouch Tutorial and Pattern. She used a really nice yellow and gray fabric, which is what originally caught my eye. Gray is my absolute favorite color (I know, I’m weird) and yellow is a close second. I actually found said fabric on the internet, but I hate to pay for shipping nowadays and didn’t have other fabric needs to get me to $35. When I saw this fabric at my local Jo-ann’s, though, I knew it was meant to be made into this cute pouch. The trim I used is some gray corduroy that I had leftover from making Quentin a pair of pants.

The pattern for the pouch includes a small pocket, but I decided to make it a bit bigger. I used corduroy for that too. It fits a couple credit cards and some chapstick. Because I can never leave home without chapstick. Specifically Burt’s Bees.

This was my second time sewing a zipper. It really isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I do need some more practice, of course, but this one turned out pretty well.

Oh and let’s not forget the pleats. Those weren’t nearly as scary as I expected them to be. I’m sure I’ll be sewing up another one of these cute pouches at some point! Maybe I’ve inspired one of you to make one too. If you do, be sure to share pictures or a link to your blog! I want to see other creations!

4 thoughts on “Pleated pouch

  1. Julie

    Thanks Heidi! Yes, I can see this pouch (both pattern and colors) being very “you”! Time to unpack the sewing machine indeed. Hope the new house is treating you well! Are you all moved in?

  2. Shannon

    It looks awesome! I had to laugh when I read the original blogger's description of trying to name it, since I was picturing a different “pleated pouch” I've made a dozen times from a different tutorial. I love the corduroy too! Was it hard to work with?

  3. Julie

    Ooh…have you blogged the other pleated pouch? I'd love to see it.

    Corduroy isn't too hard to work with. It was fine here. I have had issues with the pants I've made for my son, though. The seam ended up wearing away and opening up a hole in his crotch. 😦 ….this wont be a problem anymore with my serger, though!!


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