Direction of Fraises et Tartines

I’ve kind of alluded to wanting to expand my blogging horizons in past posts. I’m not finding the motivation to write consistently about food. Plus, I’ve had a lot of friends ask me to document some of the crunchy things I’m doing as a mom. I thought about starting a new blog to write about those things, but decided that was silly. I already have been terrible about blogging here. What would be different about a new blog? It would just be worse. Instead, I’ve decided to consolidate.

Hopefully that will give me some more material I’m passionate about to write here consistently. I enjoy coming here to share and debrief what I’ve been up to and I’ve resolved to do so more often. I’m looking forward to exploring this new direction!

I’ll leave you with that short update, and a picture of my sweet boys. Thank you to my very talented mom for knitting the beautiful sweater and hat that Quentin is wearing in this picture! I hope to learn to knit as well as she does some day! Currently working on project #1. More on that later.

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