Paleo Meal Part Deux

You might remember my account in a previous post about our friends who follow a paleo diet. The word “diet” doesn’t really do it justice though, since this is no short-term eating plan for our friends, but more of a lifestyle. In short, the paleo philosophy is to eat as our hunter/gatherer ancestors would have- meat, vegetables, nuts, some fruit (in season), occasional honey, but no grains, legumes, sugar (really no processed food of any kind). If you want to read more about it, and our friend Richard’s 60-lb weight loss, check out his blog- .

Whenever we have these friends over for dinner, they are quick to emphasize that “paleo is not a religion” and I don’t have to adhere to it when preparing the meal. I appreciate their flexibility and may someday decide to make a not-completely-paleo meal, but so far it has been fun to menu-plan and think of creative ways to make a paleo meal. Honestly it really isn’t such a far cry from how we already eat, since a big part of the philosophy is essentially elimination of processed foods. The biggest challenge is usually dessert, since sugar and flour are out. Last time, I made a raspberry tart with a crust made from coconut flour, almond meal, butter and dates. This time, the meal consisted of a mushroom souffle*, porc a la moutarde, fingerling potato “coins,” and a blackberry mousse for dessert. I wish I could say the meal was a compete success, but it definitely wasn’t my proudest moment in the kitchen. The mushroom souffle was tasty, but didn’t rise as much as I would have liked and the pork was extremely tough. Luckily, the potatoes were tasty and the mustard sauce almost redeemed the tough pork. Needless to say, I hope to have a “redo” with these friends in the near future. The pictures turned out well, though, so I think I’ll post those anyway! And as for the berry mousse, that recipe is coming soon. Also coming soon is a post about the delicious paella meal my friend Anton and I made together for our “Spanish” evening.

Cooking the destined-to-be-tough-pork
Fingerling potato coins

Mushroom souffle

Porc a la moutarde– will need to try again someday…without guests

* I realize there are accents missing from some of the French words in this post. I tried to put them in but Blogger freaked out and told me I had html errors. Rather than spend hours pulling out my hair trying to fix this, I decided to omit them.

2 thoughts on “Paleo Meal Part Deux

  1. Richard Nikoley

    Good show, Julie. And, actually, all the pork wasn't tough. My first piece was but the second was perfectly tender. And, yes, the sauce was fantastic. I'd like to know how to make that.

  2. Julie

    You're too kind. I'm glad you got a good piece! I'll post the recipe for the sauce a la moutarde for ya…or maybe email it to you since, at my posting rate you might not get it till December.


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