Two Small Farms

A few weeks ago, we decided to try out a new CSA, after a recommendation from Kitchen Gadget Girl. Her photo of purple cauliflower pushed me over the edge, and I decided it was time to try CSAs again. We stopped using Eating with the Seasons earlier this year, because there wasn’t enough variety of produce, and the quality of the produce was a bit unpredictable. We’re only on week 2 with Two Small Farms, but so far, we’re extremely satisfied. The value is phenomenal ($22/week)- great quality, LOTS of produce, plus they include one or two herbs each week. We’re doing a 4-week trial right now, and honestly, I’m not sure if we’ll continue just because we can’t keep up with all the produce. But I’m definitely a satisfied customer.

Here is what came in the box last week:

We got: Carrots, potatoes, onions, broccoli, fennel, Serrano peppers, tomatoes, a sugar pie pumpkin, and a bag of lettuce mix.

And here is what we got this week:

And a view from the top:

This week’s box included: Basil, golden beets, 2 heads of orange cauliflower, San Marzano tomatoes, scallions, bell peppers, a big bunch of chard, a head of romaine lettuce, and celery.

I’ll keep you updated on whether we end up sticking with it. It’s a wonderful program, I just can’t keep it up if food is going to go to waste.

3 thoughts on “Two Small Farms

  1. Gudrun

    glad you took the plunge! The nice thing about this time of year is that many of these items can be held over for a couple weeks, you don't have to use them all right away. But this box is the reason I make a Monday menu plan – if I don't have a plan for all the food, it goes bad!

    Hope you will consider staying with Two Small Farms until November. Then there is a break until March, so you can get yourself ready again 🙂

  2. Heidi

    Wow Julie!! That looks amazing… the CSA's you mention is new to me! I'm going to start researching it! And seriously… your pictures look amazing, not only quality of photo, but quality of subjects! I'm inspired!

  3. Julie

    Hi Gudrun- We are definitely loving the quality and value of the box, on top of supporting local agriculture. We did end up renewing for the last quarter of the year, so I may end up having to do some menu planning like you. I'm usually not that organized though!

    Heidi- Thanks! I'm so glad you like my photos and that you want to look into the CSA! I highly recommend it.


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