Grilled Lamb Steaks and Bell Peppers

The Campbell farmer’s market has been growing and adding more and more vendors recently. Among them include a guy who sells raw milk (the same brand that you can buy at whole foods, but for cheaper!), a “live chocolate” vendor, and (my personal favorite) a grassfed meat seller! Oh happy day! Now I can buy my grassfed beef and lamb straight from a local ranch without having to deal with ordering in advance and picking up from someone’s house in San Jose. I’ve done this a few times through Paicines Ranch, and they’ve been wonderful. It’s just nice to have an option that requires less planning ahead. From what I understand, the grassfed beef from Prather Ranch (at the Campbell Farmer’s Market) is local, but the lamb comes from a farm in Oregon. We’ve been getting the beef for a few months now, but decided to try the lamb this week. Trevor cooked up the steaks on the grill, along with some Anaheim bell peppers (also from the farmer’s market), and all was delicious. I didn’t get any pictures of the finished product, but here are a few of the ingredients from our simple yet tasty dinner.

2 thoughts on “Grilled Lamb Steaks and Bell Peppers

  1. Gudrun

    this is good to know! I, too, have considered purchasing a half a cow and stowing it in the freezer, but that seems like a lot of beef. Great to know there is a less complex option available, all for a trip down to Campbell!

  2. Julie

    Hello! Thanks for visiting! I've definitely considered purchasing half or a quarter cow, but had the same second thoughts that you have. Unfortunately, we don't have a huge freezer, so we can only keep a limited amount of beef in it. The farmer's market is a great alternative for us! Plus, we don't eat THAT much beef anyway. šŸ™‚


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