Grilled California Avocado BLT Burger

For today’s post, I’m giving a shout out to Trevor’s latest cooking venture. Normally, I’m the one in the house who does all the cooking. This is mostly because (a) I enjoy cooking and (b) I’m pretty good at it. But while it makes sense that I would be the primary chef of the family, I’m always grateful when Trevor decides to try his hand at making dinner for us. He’s really improved over the last few years too! I remember, early in our marriage, showing Trevor how to prepare green beans, or how to chop an onion. Now, just 3 years later, he completed an entire meal from start to finish without any instruction from me. I’m impressed!

The inspiration for his latest food creation came from a trip to William Sonoma where he spotted his ideal cookbook: “Build a Better Burger,” published after the “Sutter Home Search for America’s Best Burgers.” He promised that, with this cookbook, he would whip up some fabulous burgers.

So we bought the cookbook, and Trevor chose to make the Grilled California Avocado BLT Burger with Carmelized Chipotle Onions. Now that’s a title. The burgers turned out pretty good. I think the only thing everyone agreed we’d change is the amount of spice. There was a bit too much kick for us…but on the bright side, we had clear sinuses.

It turns out this particular recipe can be found here on the Food Network’s website. So instead of retyping it all out, I’ll let you check the link. And for your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of Trevor attempting to take his first bite of his gigantic burger creation.

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