Gems of the farmer’s market

I always look forward to Fridays. Not necessarily because the next day is Saturday (although that does help), but mostly because of the San Pedro Square farmer’s market in downtown San Jose. It’s beautiful, cheaper than other farmer’s markets I frequent and it’s walking distance from my apartment! What more could I ask for?

Farmer’s markets are my weakness. My husband will confirm that farmer’s markets are to me like candy stores to a small child. Or like REI to him. It’s kind of an addiction, really. I can relate to another food blogger who admits to being a “food shopaholic.” At least I’m admitting the problem, right? And because I hate the idea of wasted food, it always gets eaten. So there’s actually no problem. Okay, maybe I reneged on my admission.

Today I stopped by one of my favorite sellers at San Pedro Square and he had a table full of huge, beautiful heirloom tomatoes. For $2.50 per pound! I couldn’t resist and bought 5 of them. Now I’m sitting hear day dreaming about what I’ll do with my loot. Maybe I’ll just put them on my bedside table and look at them when I fall asleep at night, like Zuzu and her flower from It’s a Wonderful Life. Or maybe I’ll make a beautiful tomato, herb and mozzarella salad with them. Decisions, decisions…

3 thoughts on “Gems of the farmer’s market

  1. Julie

    Oncle Ken- Hi! Love the frenchified nickname. A BLT does sound good…I think you would have Trevor’s vote too. 😀Jennifer- I didn’t take a picture of the heirloom tomato pizza because it got eaten so fast! I only have a picture of the pepperoni. We’ll have to make it again. 🙂


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