a little bit of background

Well here I am, sitting down at the computer, with my precious cup of freshly brewed Peet’s coffee. This is a very typical morning for me- I actually don’t remember a morning without Peet’s coffee since sometime during college when the stress and work of school put me over the edge and made me into a regular coffee drinker. But that’s beside the point, and maybe for a post down the road about the deliciousness that is Peet’s coffee. Right now, I want to introduce myself and this blog, and give a little background about my “vision” for it.

At the risk of being redundant (since my profile is just to the right of this post), my name is Julie, and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area of sunny California. Since I live in the southern part of the Bay Area, it truly is sunny now. I suspect the poor San Franciscans are freezing right about now. (Mark Twain said it the best when he said “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”). I consider myself extremely lucky to live in this area for lots of reasons, but here are a few. (1) I love the weather. It’s warm in the summer, but rarely too hot, and there is rain and “cold” in the winter, but certainly not to the extreme; (2) I love the people. My husband and I moved back up here from San Diego because of graduate school, but also to be closer to our families. We’re so lucky to have both of our families so close by. You were probably expecting me to go on a long tangent about how great Californians, confirming the rest of the country’s stereotype that Californians are elitist (but we’re the best, right?). However, recent visits to several other states has debunked my prior believe that California was the only state worth living in. There are wonderful people and places all over the US. (3) I love the food. In my quest to eat delicious, healthy, and local produce, California really is the place to be. Sometimes when I read about people trying to eat locally in states where the farmer’s market runs from April to October, I feel like I’m cheating. It’s so easy here. Plus, if I do want to splurge and get an imported and tasty cheese from France, I can! There are plenty of good sources of foreign foods. This is important to me because I am ½ French. Really though, I consider myself 100% French and 100% American. I know the math doesn’t add up, but it makes sense to me and I think other people who are of multiple backgrounds can relate to it as well.

Edit: Removed content relating to former blog name.

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